Castle – Kings of Lite

Making Hops Hip             -2.5

It takes an inordinate amount of chutzpa to create a marketing environment around a product which bears the “lite” badge.   Castle Lite, distributed by SAB Millers in South Africa and partnered with Oglivy Mather amongst others, have done just that.   They have the culture and the website to prove it.  3

The latest ad, “Ziyabande” feat. Stilo Magolide, is one of quite a few in the series of releases offered by the creators of the equally popular ‘Cold Squads’ and ‘the Republic of Extra Cold’. The internet surfer is treated to DJ Warras shows, a presidential invitation by Pearl Thusi, to a world of magic, free downloads and much, much more.   In other words Castle Lite represents not only a beverage but the brand of an entire following; a citizenship!  They have without a doubt tapped (forgive the pun) into and embraced the appropriate market and with gusto and brilliance.

I don’t drink, yet I am a fan.

Now this is advertising which demonstrates brilliance and strategy – a long term plan geared toward creating that fantasy kingdom of cold for the consumer and is attractive in any season.   They keep you riveted, interested and purchasing.   What more could a distributor hope for?

The latest ad just exudes cold, it is superbly raw yet etched and edgy.

A -2.5 degrees (which happens to be the temperature at which the beer is lagered) stayed with me a long time after I saw the ad for the first time.   It was frozen into my buyer’s brain.8

Stilo boasts a frost tipped beard, cold platinum accessories, grey hoodie and the viewer is treated to an almost monochromatic world here; shades of blue and hues of stellar white.

Even Stilo’s movements are slow and his tone is concentrated and generated with icy rap delight.   He has entered the zone.   The zone of hyperthermic cool.cleats  6

Sounds are freeze sculptured; dry ice against silver steel, the crunch of cleats on a frozen floor, tinkling, crushing, clanking.  Fractured clusters of sonic glassy tones.  Crissssssp.   Crystal.

These reverberate without the warm fuzziness of chords and notes and are perfectly melded on a frozen console.   They are almost clinical and yet amazingly resonate and morph into music.


This ad is sequential to the “Can’t touch this”, Vanilla Ice revival and the Yeti offerings.   All visceral and popular and without a doubt demonstrate the skill of team who not only nailed it with their first attempt at grasping the niche but continued to do so with the challenge of brave variations on the initial theme.   Marketing trilogies are tricky.   This team has a series.

I have included the link to the YouTube video.  Click here

Global warming?   El Nino just you wait.   Castle Lite is in a state of cryo-genius.

And it is here to stay.brand


A special mention should go to Lebogang Rasetheba – Director

and Simon Ringrose – Producer





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